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Windows structure
This library implements a Windows structure in the spirit of the
Windows structure specified in the Standard ML Basis Library [1].
License: MLton license (a BSD-style license)
Portability: Windows specific, some MLton extensions may be used
Stability: experimental
Maintainer: Vesa Karvonen <>
About Library Organization
This directory contains the documented signature definitions (*.sig)
and listings of all top-level bindings exported by this library
(export*.sml). The contents of this directory should be sufficient
to understand how to use the functionality provided by this library.
This statically linked library needs to be linked to your
application in order to use the Windows structure.
This is for building the statically linked library and NLFFI
bindings that are part of this library. Run
in the directory of the Makefile for further instructions.
This build file defines the Windows library. See the file for
further instructions.
This directory contains the implementation details of the library.
About Motivation and Scope
The main motivation for this library is the need to access certain
Windows specific functionality. Eventually this library should include
all of the functionality specified in the Standard ML Basis Library [1]
as well any additional functionality that is needed. If you need to
access some specific functionality that isn't provided, please send a
request, preferably with a patch, to the MLton developers or users
[1] The Standard ML Basis Library.
Emden R. Gansner and John H. Reppy.
Cambridge University Press, 2004.
ISBN 0521794781.