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RPC (Remote Procedure Call) Library
This library implements a simple RPC mechanism. One can conveniently
define a server that allows a client to call a set of procedures
defined on the server via TCP sockets. A custom binary protocol based
on generic serialization is used for communication.
License: MLton license (a BSD-style license)
Portability: portable
Ported to: MLton
Stability: experimental
Maintainer: Vesa Karvonen <>
About Library Organization
This directory contains examples of using the RPC library.
These directories contain the documented signature definitions
(*.sig) and listings of all top-level bindings exported by this
library (export.sml). There are actually two libraries: one for
clients and another for servers. The contents of these directories
should ideally provide sufficient documentation to use the library.
Build files for the client and server sides of the RPC library.
Implementation details of the library.
The motivation for an easy-to-use RPC mechanism should be fairly clear.
However, one of the motivations for building this library was actually
the idea that one could use an RPC like mechanism to implement
separately compiled libraries in SML. Using this library one can
fairly easily define a separately compiled server program that can be
used about as conveniently as a separately compiled library. Such a
library program could also be compiled with a particular SML
implementation and used from a program running on a different SML
The signatures and structures defined by this library are not meant to
be cast in stone! We welcome contributions including new functionality,
bug fixes, and ports to new compilers. The recommended submit method
for small contributions to this library is to send a message with a
brief description of the proposed contribution as well as a patch
containing full code and documentation (signature comments) to either
the MLton-user list
or the MLton list .
For larger extensions or changes we recommend that you first contact
the active maintainer(s) of this library. The preferred contact method
is through the above mailing lists.