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Could be downloaded from NuGet:

  • Install-Package AppInsights.Enricher
  • dotnet add package AppInsights.Enricher
  • paket add AppInsights.Enricher

How to use it:

  • implement own ITelemetryEnricher You say here when you want to store Request/Response:
public class CustomTelemetryEnricher : ITelemetryEnricher
    public ITelemetry Enrich(ITelemetry tele) => tele;
    public bool AttachRequest(HttpContext context) => true;
    public bool AttachResponse(HttpContext context) => context?.Request?.Path.Value?.Contains("mail") == true;
  • implement own IProcessorApplier You say here when you want to log data to AppInsights
public class CustomProcessorApplier: IProcessorApplier
    public bool Apply(ITelemetry tele)
        if (tele is RequestTelemetry request)
            var isItBadRequestOrConnection = request.ResponseCode == "404";
            if (isItBadRequestOrConnection)
                return false;

        if (!(tele is DependencyTelemetry dependency)) return true;

        return true;
  • Register it in container
services.AddSingleton<IProcessorApplier, CustomProcessorApplier>();
services.AddSingleton<ITelemetryEnricher, CustomTelemetryEnricher>();
services.AddSingleton<IRequestDataAccessor>(new RequestDataAccessor(1_000, 1_000, 100_000));
return services.AddTelemetry<TelemetryProcessor>(configuration);

And that's all!

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