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SAFE Template

This template can be used to generate a full-stack web application using the SAFE Stack. It was created using the dotnet SAFE Template. If you want to learn more about the template why not start with the quick start guide?

Install pre-requisites

You'll need to install the following pre-requisites in order to build SAFE applications

  • The .NET Core SDK
  • FAKE 5 installed as a global tool
  • The Yarn package manager (you an also use npm but the usage of yarn is encouraged).
  • Node LTS installed for the front end components.
  • If you're running on OSX or Linux, you'll also need to install Mono.

Work with the application

To concurrently run the server and the client components in watch mode use the following command:

fake build -t Run

You can use the included Dockerfile and build.fsx script to deploy your application as Docker container. You can find more regarding this topic in the official template documentation.

SAFE Stack Documentation

You will find more documentation about the used F# components at the following places:

If you want to know more about the full Azure Stack and all of it's components (including Azure) visit the official SAFE documentation.


  • fake not found - If you fail to execute fake from command line after installing it as a global tool, you might need to add it to your PATH manually: (e.g. export PATH="$HOME/.dotnet/tools:$PATH" on unix) - related GitHub issue
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