Bringing back the legendary RTS game from which Dota was created
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Recreating Warcraft III inside Dota 2

We are now entering a closed Alpha stage, gathering a team of dedicated testers to fill the Bug Tracker and continue polishing the game. If you are interested in playtesting all sort of abilities, mechanics and interactions, finding bugs or missing content, sign up on the wiki page here.

See the spreadsheet tracking our progress here.

Public ToDo list here

If you are interested in helping with this project don't hesitate contacting me, either through my email, Steam, or come chat at the #dota2mods IRC @


  • Myll, for his incredible hard work and dedication on ModKit and Building Helper
  • BMD, for his invaluable help to the modding community in general.
  • zed, made very needed scaleform UI modules to use in variety of projects.
  • kritth, helped a ton with particles and mechanic ideas.
  • DarkMio, reddit diplomacy frontman.
  • SQL, tooltip hero
  • Markie, world editor parser machine
  • snipplets, for continuing work on Building Helper
  • Aleteh, gold mine model
  • wFX, orc abilities
  • Infekma, undead abilities and UI