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MOARdV's Avionics Systems for Kerbal Space Program - a new generation of IVA enhancement.
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MOARdV's Avionics Systems for Kerbal Space Program - a new generation of IVA enhancement.

Mk1 Pod

Short Intro

MOARdV's Avionics Systems (MAS) is a successor to RasterPropMonitor. The goal is to provide a more powerful and more performant design without removing features that are available in RPM.

NOTE: MAS is not a drop-in replacement for RasterPropMonitor. IVAs created for RasterPropMonitor must use RPM. They will not automatically work with MAS. MAS uses different props, and it has different requirements than RPM.

MAS is under intermittent development (basically, when I feel like it and I have time).

To install, select the latest release AvionicsSystems zip file from the "Releases" tab (such as Do not choose to "Clone or Download" this repo, unless you intend to build MAS yourself - the compiled DLL files are not stored on GitHub. The Avionics Systems zip file contains all of the data needed to use an IVA in MAS. Players do not need to download the PropConfig zip file. That file contains an application and data that prop creators can use to automate the task of generating new props for IVA.

The wiki contains the documentation for this mod, including guides to configuring props, integrating scripting, and the 900+ functions that MAS makes available. Most of this documentation is geared towards IVA creators and prop developers.

For players who want to make sense of the props, please take a look at MOARdVPlus, my advanced IVA mod (which includes user guides for the props).

Releases appear under Releases.

The MAS distribution contains multiple licensed components. The license document identifies these components and their licenses.

This mod includes version information compatible with MiniAVC and AVC.

Where are the IVAs?

MAS is intended to be a toolkit for developing IVAs. I do not intend to include many example IVAs like RPM had - good IVAs take a lot of time to create, and I don't have that much spare time. The example IVAs included with MAS require alexustas's props packs - ASET Props Pack and ASET Avionics Pack must be installed for the MAS props to appear.

Since it is important to have something to look at before deciding to adopt this mod for IVA development, there are IVAs included in this package:

  • The stock Mk 1 v2 Command Pod (pictured above), which demonstrates a retro-NASA style stripped-down IVA suitable for suborbital or short orbital flights. A flight manual is available on the wiki.
  • The original Mk 1 Command Pod IVA is still included, since the original pod and IVA are still available (as of KSP 1.5.0).
  • The stock Mk 1-3 Command Pod, which includes a more complete retro-NASA IVA for the center seat (with stock props still in place on the rest of the panel). This IVA is not complete, and I do not expect to finish it, since the seating arrangement for the three crew is suboptimal.
  • The stock Mk1 Lander Can by snakeru, a conversion of the ASET Mk1 Lander Can. Note that if the ASET mod is installed, the MAS version of the IVA is switched off. You must uninstall the ASET IVA to use the MAS IVA.
  • The MRK DM command pod, part of the Commonwealth Rockets mod. This command pod demonstrates a modern partial-glass cockpit design good for activity around Kerbin and its moons. Since development of this pod appears to have stopped, the included IVA is deprecated, and it may be removed in a future MAS update.

For some additional IVAs, the Flapjack cockpit in the Kerbal Flying Saucer mod shows a glass cockpit design, including HUD. Additionally, the MOARdVPlus mod includes a complete 1960s-style Apollo IVA compatible with the Bluedog Design Bureau mod, as well as a glass Apollo cockpit.

You will need to download and install Module Manager, ASET Props Pack v1.5 (or later), and ASET Avionics Pack in order to fly these IVAs. Refer to the Installation Guide on the wiki for more information, as well as a list of optional mods that enhance MAS gameplay.

What about RasterPropMonitor?

My development on RasterPropMonitor has stopped. I have no plans to release any additional updates. It is available for adoption.

How do I Build MAS?

The Building MAS document provides links to required components and steps to build MAS for yourself.

Other questions?

Look at the FAQ on the wiki. If the answer is not there, please ask me.

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