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BoxJS is a simple JavaScript web framework allowing you to easily manage and display small content boxes shown above your actual webpage, e.g. background file upload handlers, progress boxes or small forms.

Updated Jul 29, 2014

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File JS encapsulates the features of the HTML5 File API and adds advanced functionality like background/framed file uploads.

Updated Jul 4, 2013


A framework allowing you to communicate between tabs/windows of the same (i.e. your) origin using sessionStorage, localStorage or cookies. Requires web-filesystem as well as createClass.

Updated Jun 7, 2013

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A fully functional JavaScript OOP framework that's still based on JavaScript's own OOP understanding, tools and syntax (i.e. Prototyping).

Updated May 26, 2013

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Updated May 26, 2013

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zebraClass is a createClass extensions that uses the lazy-loading functionality to provide an easy-to-use interface for shared inheritance. Requires createClass.

Updated Apr 1, 2013


forked from Techniv/Licenses-for-GitHub

Repository resources for various licenses, with Markdown formatting for inclusion into GitHub's repositories.

Updated Jul 9, 2012

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