An implementation of M-OTP integrated with FreeRadius. MOTP-AS allows radius authentication against MOTP generated One Time Passcodes on mobile phones (smart and feature), HTML token generators and more.
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Mobile OTP Authentication Server - MOTP-AS

MOTP-AS is an add-on for the Mobile OTP authentication framework.
For more details about Mobile OTP see

With MOTP-AS you can build an authentication server with

  * authenticating users by RADIUS
	RADIUS is a standard protocol used by many routers, firewalls and VPN
	gateways. It is also possible to use it to authenticate users against
	Apache, Unix (PAM) and other applications.

  * SQL database for user/device configuration
	All configuration and administration data is stored into a SQL database.
	This includes users and devices (secrets)

  * Administration Web Interface
	Adminstration of the SQL database can be performed by an Administration
	Web Interface which supports different roles for Administrators, 
	Help Desk and Users.

Compared to other MOTP implementations, MOTP-AS provides the following features:

 - A user can have more then one device or pin, respectively. 
 - Many users can share the same device (using different pins).
 - Users can change their pins by login on the Web Administration Interface
 - The server automatically learns device time drifts by storing the time shift
 - Users can have temporary static passwords

If you have any questions or want to report a bug, please send an email to