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  Theme Yelee relies on Hexo-Theme-Yilia, thanks for the author Litten. Fix some bugs, change lots of styles, add several features. And then I made the theme. Yelee is mainly designed for fluent text reading. I change styles and add functions, meanwhile, try hard to keep this theme simple, stupid and clear. Theme DEMO: MOxFIVE's Blog

Yelee 主题使用说明 [简中]
文档 GitHub 仓库

### Installation
git clone themes/yelee

Change theme field in Hexo root's _config.yml file.

theme: yelee


cd themes/yelee
git pull

New Features DEMO

- En
1 Flexible table of contents
2 Transparent & Random background
3 Scrolling button
4 Copyright info.
5 Post navigation button
6 Site counter
7 i18n, multi-language
8 Local Site Search
9 Load Comment dynamically



Use internationalization to present your site in different languages.

# Hexo Configuration
## Docs:

# Site
language: en
Available Languages
Code - - Contributor(s)
en English 英语 MOxFIVE
zh-Hans Chinese (Simplified) 大陆简体 MOxFIVE
zh-Hant-HK Chinese (Traditional) 港澳繁體 MOxFIVE
zh-Hant-TW Chinese (Traditional) 台灣正體 MOxFIVE

Any Contribution is Welcome!

0. Post Excerpt

There are two ways to show excerpt in homepage.

  • a:
title: Hello World
date: 2015-12-03 00:00:00
<Excerpt in index> 
+ <!-- more -->
<The rest of contents文>
  • b: description in Front-matter
title: Hello World
date: 2015-12-03 00:00:00
+ description: "Welcome to Hexo! This is your very first post."

Description only support plain text

Set the value of description with quotes to avoid unexpected error :

1. About Page:

cd to your hexo folder and run this code:

hexo new page about

2. Tags Cloud Page:

hexo new page tags

Post with several categories issue#4

3. Background image:

Find or change background images in folder:


Setting in themes/yelee/_config.yml:

background_image: 5

  • Default value is 5, free to modify the number

  • "5": show 5 images form bg-1.jpg to bg-5.jpg in /yelee/source/background/

  • "0": remove background image and use white-gray theme

Saving JPEGs for the Web: Setting Photoshop Up for Progressive JPEGs

Optimize images with PhotoShop (JPEG, Quality 0, Progressive)

4. Highlight Style:

Set inline_code to style highlight text & Chose a highlight theme for code block.

  #on: true
  inline_code: 1
  code_block: 1

Set on: true to enable this feature

highlight theme from

5. Comment:

Disqus, duoshuo and youyan is supported, enable ONE of them in theme's "_config.yml".

6. Table of Contents:

Remove toc and the button via putting toc: false before "---" at [post].md.

Hide toc in default

Set toc: false in yelee/_config.yml.

(Set toc: true in front-matter to show it in certain post)

7. Copyright info.:

Hide this via putting original: false to post's front-matter.

Hide Copyright info. in default

Set copyright: false in yelee/_config.yml.

(Set original: true in front-matter to show it in certain post)

8. 404 Page:

hexo new page 404

And then set permalink: /404 in /source/404/ front matter.

9. RSS Feed:

Install plugin: hexo-generator-feed

10. Sitemap for SEO:

Install plugin: hexo-generator-seo-friendly-sitemap

Baidu: hexo-generator-baidu-sitemap

11. Apple Touch icon:

The Path is /yelee/source/apple-touch-icon.png

Recommended size: 180*180


简而不减 Hexo 双栏博客主题; Another simple and elegant theme for Hexo.



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