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Multi point-to-point applications using a custom protocol.
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File transfer application using a custom protocol.


This project is divided into four different parts:

  • The 'Storage' application
  • The 'Master' application
  • The 'Client' application
  • The 'Tools' library
    • Network
    • Files
    • Utils

The library implements functions for the MP2P protocol. It is using boost:asio for the networking part.

All the apps are using the 'tools' library for network communications and file manipulations.

The project uses Couchbase as a Master-Master replication database system.

How to?

Config files

We provide some *.conf.example files in the config folder, you can configure them to set up your own settings.

The Master application

mkdir -p build && cd build; cmake ..; make master-release -j;

The Storage application

mkdir -p build && cd build; cmake ..; make storage-release -j;

The Client application

mkdir -p build && cd build; cmake ..; make client-release -j;


  • C++ >= 14
  • Boost >= 1.55
  • OpenSSL >= 1.0
  • libcouchbase == 2.4.8


  • The Master application is there to make a connection between all the clients and the storage. It will be making constant database updates/checks in order to ensure the integrity of the transfers.

  • The Storage application is there to listen for packets and send/receive files.

It listens both for ipv4 & ipv6 connections (see


We are using the Catch unit test framework.

make check will launch the unit tests.

How to configure .vimrc with Syntastic so that it detects header locations?

In the src/ folder you will find a .syntastic_cpp_config file containing compile FLAGS. Here is what you have to add in your .vimrc config file to handle this configuration:

let g:syntastic_check_on_open = 1
let g:syntastic_cpp_check_header = 1
let g:syntastic_cpp_compiler = 'clang'
let g:syntastic_cpp_config_file = '.syntastic_cpp_config'
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