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mpat: get importable package from url of page
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Utility to get the MPAT info from a published MPAT page url


  • node.js to run the application
  • an MPAT installation to make use of the produced files


In this directory, do:

npm install


node getinfofrompage.js <URL> <exportName>


npm start <URL> <exportName>

A file called <exportName>.mpat-page is generated in the current directory.

In the file, there is a page called <exportName> and a page layout called <exportName>layout

You can then import this file from the ImportExport page by clicking on the import page button and pointing to this file. If a page of the same name exists, the page is not imported. If a layout of the same name exist, the layout is not imported.

Usage of getsite

A whole site can be recursively downloaded, page by page.

node getsite.js <URL> <exportNameForFirstPage>

After the first page, the file names are retrieved as part of the link url. Only pages pointed by a MPAT Link component are discovered and processed. Each file is created in its own *.mpat-page. Each link is considered an external link.

Usage of packSite

After running the above getsite.js, your current directory is full of single pages.

node packSite.js

packSite creates a single all-pages.mpat-page from all .mpat-page in the current directory, taking care that internal links are properly dealt with when you import the package in an MPAT instance. Internal links are replaced with page://number URLs.

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