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Using the Management Pack Catalog

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The Community Management Pack Catalog (CMPC) sets out to simplify finding new SCOM management packs and staying up to date with the current management packs that you have. The functions of the CMPC can be broken down into the four core categories below.

Discovering Management Packs

Searching for a SCOM Management Pack? The Discover Management Packs pane provides an easy to use interface for navigating through all Management Packs contained within the CMPC. Three methods are available for filtering and searching through management packs to find the pack you need.

Staying Current with Management Packs

The Installed Packs view quickly answers the question "Are my community management packs up-to-date?" Using a similar format to the standard Management Packs pane in SCOM, only packs from the CMPC are displayed.

Management Pack Catalog Content

The Community Management Pack Catalog populates its data from a simple JSON based index and file structure. Details on the file structure and index are available here.


The simplest of the functions, the CMPC settings allow you to modify the alert settings easily.

Contributing to the Catalog

The Management Pack Catalog is a community effort, any contributions and help are appreciated.

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