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A lightweight research data repository
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imeji - Publish Your Scientific Multimedia Data

The imeji software

imeji creates citable research assets by describing, enriching, sharing, exposing, linking and archiving data.

The imeji software is an open-source, community driven development.

The software offers a dedicated metadata management by supporting a non- restrictive metadata schema definition, as simple as liked or as complex as needed.

All objects within the imeji software have a unique identifier and therefore can be referenced in publications or reused in other contexts (dissemination). Large collections can be organized in different albums to focus special items of interest.

imeji is developed by the imeji community under the CDDL-License.

Download and Installation

Brief installation instructions can be found in the wiki.


See REST API v1 (imeji Community wiki)

The imeji demo version

Try the demo version


imeji software originated in March 2012 from the Max Planck Digital Library, the Institute of Art and Visual History of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the Konrad Zuse Internet Archive of Freie Universität Berlin

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