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[CHANGELOG] Updated for future release

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MPOS123 committed Aug 4, 2015
1 parent 4ab0b8f commit 4376df232b8785d1bf43ae45c5f8b3783e2ad377
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1.0.5 (XXX XXth XXXX)

* Fixed worker name scaling issues on mobile devices (Thanks @nrpatten)
* Fixed user information table formatting (Thanks @pokari1986)
* Fixed empty auto-payout threshold value for accounts page
* Removed config disable check popup for admins on all pages
* Added blockchain download status for admin feedback (admin setup check)
* Added peer state to wallet info state if no peers are connected

1.0.4 (Jun 19th 2015)

* Honor anonymous attribute when sending block finder mails
* Display admin warning if no transfer fees are set
* Moved admin_checks.php into the admin panel/system/setup

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