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[Repeating pplns error for duplicate payout] won't go away #1581

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This is the second time, a similar error has happened. Thank you Serapher for the help.

This time the error is different slightly. I needed to upgrade our server so I had to reboot as a requirement. Before doing this, I shut down all cron processes as told. When I came back the crons where not running ok. The main issue is the pplns payout had the "Potential Double Payout detected" error. So as I did previously I went to logs and marked the suspecting block in the "blocks" table as accounted. I went to -f the crons again. This time, a new error came up about "ERROR --> Failed to copy shares to archive: SQL Query failed: Duplicate entry 'xxxxxx' for key 'share_id'" So I went and deleted this record.

I would of thought this would solve the issue as it did the first time, but now it just keeps repeating this cycle with a new block. The pplns cron/php won't run as many times I repeat this process. It seems as if it just keeps looping in some bad cycle without getting ahead. How can this be cleared/resolved so it can be resolved, is there a table I can just truncate? Perhaps edit the pplns_payout.php so it bypasses this to catch up? Not sure the fix.

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