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Releases: MPOS/php-mpos

Version 1.1.0

24 May 12:12
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Yet another release made possible by the MPOS community! Thanks a lot for your continued support and help on this project, I am sure people out there will benefit of these recent changes to the MPOS core and database tables!

1.1.0 (May 24th 2018)


  • Support Coin Daemon with BTC >= 0.16 which deprecated getinfo (Thanks @lubuzzo !)
  • Modified getinfo call with some simple error catching for backwards compatibility
  • Further increase support for very low-diff coins and how to display them in MPOS (Thanks @r4sas !)
  • Updated documentation links in config files (Thanks @r4sas !)

Version 1.0.9

05 Apr 08:42
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Thanks everyone contributing! This project may not be actively maintained anymore but at least we have some community support to keep it alive 👍 If you are on the list of contributors make sure to keep an eye on the issue tracker after release. There may be issues coming in with a feature you worked on, would be great to have someone assist in debugging any found issues then.

1.0.9 (April 5th 2018)

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue on graphs page (Thanks @tperalta82 !)
  • Show error message when trying to send mail to users (Thanks @mecab !)
  • Removed some name validation on contact forms (Thanks @mecab !)
  • Calculate the efficiency correctly in API (Thanks @smiba !)
  • Expend CSRF token expiry (Thanks @smiba !)
  • Improve est. diff for constantly changing coins (Thanks @smiba !)
  • Fixed mobile display issue of wallet status (Thanks @TopoX84 )
  • Fixed mobile display issue of peer info (Thanks @TopoX84 )


  • MySQL Master/Slave switching based on SQL queries (Thanks @tperalta82 !)
  • Added a switch to ignore cron errors (Thanks @mecab !) - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK
  • Adjusted block overview percentage colors to be less "dangerous" ;-) (Thanks @smiba !)
  • Added 'start' parameter to ´getusertransactions´ api page (Thanks @desaerun !)
  • Replaced recaptcha-v1 with recaptcha-v2 (Thanks @AmazingDreams !)
  • Added more APIs for the price checker (Thanks @bziemek !) See Wiki for details.

Version 1.0.8

02 Nov 09:51
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1.0.8 (November 2nd 2017)

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed PIN not resetting after successful entry (Thanks @RaJiska)
  • Fixed PHP warnings with notifications (Thanks @blondak, Issue #2586)
  • User HTTP_HOST instead of SERVER_NAME for proper redirects


  • Small updates to documentation, templates and README

Version 1.0.7

18 Jul 13:28
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1.0.7 (July 18th 2017)

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue with brand new installations not defaulting to bootstrap theme and throwing an error

Version 1.0.6

18 Jul 07:42
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1.0.6 (July 18th 2017)

Removed Features

New Features

  • Added Push Notifications (Thanks @blondak)
  • Added x13 coin class
  • Added x15 coin class
  • Added neoscrypt coin class

Ticket Updates

  • [#2493] : Allow disabling sound in Dashboard (admin and user setting)
  • [#2512] : ACL to show/hide getting started guide and pool statistics
  • [#2511] : Updated various libraries
  • [#2516] : Temporarily suspend crons on pool maintenance
  • [#2518] : Display error if theme is not found in theme folder
  • [#2565] : Fixed UptimeRobot API URL

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Template update for getting started guide (Thanks @jürgen Scholz)

Version 1.0.5

11 Mar 17:55
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  • Fixed worker name scaling issues on mobile devices (Thanks @nrpatten)
  • Fixed user information table formatting (Thanks @pokari1986)
  • Fixed empty auto-payout threshold value for accounts page
  • Fixed SQL upgrade from 0.0.11 to 0.0.12 (Thanks @akuma6099)
  • Removed config disable check popup for admins on all pages
  • Added blockchain download status for admin feedback (admin setup check)
  • Added peer state to wallet info state if no peers are connected

Version 1.0.4

30 Jun 10:07
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  • Honor anonymous attribute when sending block finder mails
  • Display admin warning if no transfer fees are set
  • Moved admin_checks.php into the admin panel/system/setup
    • Checks are now loaded individually from pages/admin/checks

Version 1.0.3

29 Apr 20:31
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  • HOTFIX release to ensure database upgrades are working.

Version 1.0.2

28 Apr 17:58
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NOTE Please upgrade to 1.0.3 before running the database migrations, 1.0.2 had an issue with that which was hotfixed in 1.0.3

  • Allow SSO accross MPOS pools
  • Increased information on Admin -> Wallet Info
    • Added block count to Wallet Status
    • Added number of accounts to Wallet Status
    • Added Peer information
    • Added last 25 transactions
      • Can be changed via Admin System Settings -> Wallet
    • Always show all accounts
  • Updated Auto Payout Threshold to be stored in coin_address table
    • Existing thresholds will be migrated when upgrading
    • Update to 1.0.1 for the database using the upgrade script supplied in MPOS
  • Updated Bootstrap to 3.3.4
  • Updated MorrisJS to 0.5.1
  • Updated RaphaelJS to 2.1.2
  • Updated Bootstrap Switch to 3.3.2
  • Updated CLEditor to 1.4.5
  • Removed unneeded JS files
  • Removed unneeded CSS files
  • Fixed ding for block notifications not playing on Safari
  • Fixed manual payout warning to show when account balance is too low

Version 1.0.1

15 Apr 10:07
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  • Updated jQuery 2.1.3
  • Updated SoundJS 0.6.0
  • Removed old libraries
  • Fixed MPOS version check in Admin Dashboard