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Finding Help

If you run into issues (even though this project is unmaintained) you can check with the community in this Telegram channel:


PHP-MPOS is a complex set of interlinking files and programs that create a customizable and powerful website. Because of its difficulty it is not recommended for beginners to set up public pools until they have thoroughly researched how the project works and how to properly set up and secure their servers. Details for many parts of this project can be found in the following pages of the wiki.

You may also want to check out the NOMP project: It's an entire pool software written in Node.js that may also fit your needs.

Known Issues

  • MySQL 5.7 is not fully supported but works with a workaround, see FAQ
  • Ethereum is not supported and won't be added to MPOS, please use an alternative to MPOS to run a pool

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. Just follow the guide below if you're new to MPOS. From there, you'll be able to launch your own mining pool in a snap.

General Documentation

Important Security Considerations

Specific PHP-MPOS Setup Guides

Developer Specific Guides

Pools running on MPOS

MPOS Docker testing container