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trackme is a simple file tracking prototype build on Angular.

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trackme keeps track of all your recently modified files, sorts and filters them and then displays a coherent list of start and end times for every session on your pc or mac. All of your data is then saved into a local sqlite database.


You will need to have Git and Node.js (5.x and above) + NPM (3.x and above). We generally suggest installing NVM to manage Node versions. Once those are installed, you will need to install the typings NPM package globally. Typings handles the typescript definition files for our application.

Getting started

First you will need to clone the repo; then you can install the necessary NPM packages and run the app.

# Clone the repo and enter it
git clone
cd electrogram

# Install dependencies
npm i

# Install type definitions
typings install

# To build only
npm run build

# To build and watch for changes
npm run watch

# Start the Electron app
npm start # runs "electron src"

The code

Here is a quick overview of the project structure:

 ├──src/                       * contains the electron app script, html file, and all Angular code
 │   │
 │   ├──customDefinitions.d.ts * any TypeScript definitions that we need to provide
 │   ├──index.html             * parent HTML page where we include our built javascript files
 │   ├──main.js                * NodeJS script that bootstraps the Electron app
 │   ├──menuTemplate.js        * javascript config for the application menu
 │   │   
 │   ├──app/                   * our Angular app has one "app" component, and this holds all the related code
 │   │   ├──app.css            * app component styles
 │   │   ├──app.html           * app component template
 │   │   ├──app.ts             * app component functionality
 │   │   └──canvasService.ts   * Angular service that aids with Canvas creation and modification
 │   │
 │   └──assets/                * static assets are served here
 │       ├──css/               * global styles
 │       ├──data/              * a list of available photo filters in JSON format
 │       └──images/            * app logo and icon
 ├──webpack.config.js          * configuration file that Webpack uses to build the app
 ├──tsconfig.json              * config that webpack uses for typescript
 ├──typings.json               * our typings manager
 └──package.json               * what npm uses to manage it's dependencies and scripts


trackme is a simple file tracking prototype build on Angular.






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