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# Set of functionalities for when a single script has many 'algorithms' that may be invoked,
# i.e. the script deals with generating a particular output, but there are a number of
# processes to select from, each of which is capable of generating that output.
# Helper function for finding where the files representing different script algorithms will be stored
# These will be in a sub-directory relative to this library file
def _algorithmsPath():
import os
from mrtrix3 import path
return os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), path.scriptSubDirName())
# This function needs to be safe to run in order to populate the help page; that is, no app initialisation has been run
def getList(): #pylint: disable=unused-variable
import os
from mrtrix3 import app
algorithm_list = [ ]
src_file_list = os.listdir(_algorithmsPath())
for filename in src_file_list:
filename = filename.split('.')
if len(filename) == 2 and filename[1] == 'py' and not filename[0] == '__init__':
algorithm_list = sorted(algorithm_list)
app.debug('Found algorithms: ' + str(algorithm_list))
return algorithm_list
# Note: This function essentially duplicates the current state of app.cmdline in order for command-line
# options common to all algorithms of a particular script to be applicable once any particular sub-parser
# is invoked. Therefore this function must be called _after_ all such options are set up.
def initialise(): #pylint: disable=unused-variable
import importlib, pkgutil
from mrtrix3 import app, path
initlist = [ ]
base_parser = app.Parser(description='Base parser for construction of subparsers', parents=[app.cmdline])
subparsers = app.cmdline.add_subparsers(title='Algorithm choices', help='Select the algorithm to be used to complete the script operation; additional details and options become available once an algorithm is nominated. Options are: ' + ', '.join(getList()), dest='algorithm')
for dummy_importer, package_name, dummy_ispkg in pkgutil.iter_modules( [ _algorithmsPath() ] ):
module = importlib.import_module('mrtrix3.' + path.scriptSubDirName() + '.' + package_name)
module.initialise(base_parser, subparsers)
app.debug('Initialised algorithms: ' + str(initlist))
def getModule(name): #pylint: disable=unused-variable
import sys
from mrtrix3 import path
return sys.modules['mrtrix3.' + path.scriptSubDirName() + '.' + name]