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* Copyright (c) 2008-2018 the MRtrix3 contributors.
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, you can obtain one at
* MRtrix3 is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty
* For more details, see
#ifndef __dwi_gradient_h__
#define __dwi_gradient_h__
// These lines are to silence deprecation warnings with Eigen & GCC v5
#pragma GCC diagnostic push
#pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wdeprecated-declarations"
#include <Eigen/SVD>
#pragma GCC diagnostic pop
#include "app.h"
#include "file/path.h"
#include "file/config.h"
#include "header.h"
#include "math/sphere.h"
#include "math/SH.h"
#include "dwi/shells.h"
namespace MR
namespace App { class OptionGroup; }
namespace DWI
App::OptionGroup GradImportOptions (bool include_bvalue_scaling = true);
App::OptionGroup GradExportOptions();
//! ensure each non-b=0 gradient vector is normalised to unit amplitude
template <class MatrixType>
Eigen::MatrixXd& normalise_grad (MatrixType& grad)
if (grad.cols() < 3)
throw Exception ("invalid diffusion gradient table dimensions (" + str(grad.rows()) + " x " + str(grad.cols()) + ")");
for (ssize_t i = 0; i < grad.rows(); i++) {
auto norm = grad.row(i).template head<3>().norm();
if (norm)
grad.row(i).template head<3>().array() /= norm;
return grad;
/*! \brief convert the DW encoding matrix in \a grad into a
* azimuth/elevation direction set, using only the DWI volumes as per \a
* dwi */
template <class MatrixType, class IndexVectorType>
inline Eigen::MatrixXd gen_direction_matrix (
const MatrixType& grad,
const IndexVectorType& dwi)
Eigen::MatrixXd dirs (dwi.size(),2);
for (size_t i = 0; i < dwi.size(); i++) {
dirs (i,0) = std::atan2 (grad (dwi[i],1), grad (dwi[i],0));
auto z = grad (dwi[i],2) / grad.row (dwi[i]).template head<3>().norm();
if (z >= 1.0)
dirs(i,1) = 0.0;
else if (z <= -1.0)
dirs (i,1) = Math::pi;
dirs (i,1) = std::acos (z);
return dirs;
template <class MatrixType>
default_type condition_number_for_lmax (const MatrixType& dirs, int lmax)
Eigen::MatrixXd g;
if (dirs.cols() == 2) // spherical coordinates:
g = dirs;
else // Cartesian to spherical:
g = Math::Sphere::cartesian2spherical (dirs).leftCols(2);
auto v = Eigen::JacobiSVD<Eigen::MatrixXd> (Math::SH::init_transform (g, lmax)).singularValues();
return v[0] / v[v.size()-1];
//! load and rectify FSL-style bvecs/bvals DW encoding files
/*! This will load the bvecs/bvals files at the path specified, and convert
* them to the format expected by MRtrix. This involves rotating the
* vectors into the scanner frame of reference, and may also involve
* re-ordering and/or inverting of the vector elements to match the
* re-ordering performed by MRtrix for non-axial scans. */
Eigen::MatrixXd load_bvecs_bvals (const Header& header, const std::string& bvecs_path, const std::string& bvals_path);
//! export gradient table in FSL format (bvecs/bvals)
/*! This will take the gradient table information from a header and export it
* to a bvecs/bvals file pair. In addition to splitting the information over two
* files, the vectors must be reoriented; firstly to change from scanner space to
* image space, and then to compensate for the fact that FSL defines its vectors
* with regards to the data strides in the image file.
void save_bvecs_bvals (const Header&, const std::string&, const std::string&);
//! scale b-values by square of gradient norm
template <class MatrixType>
void scale_bvalue_by_G_squared (MatrixType& G)
INFO ("b-values will be scaled by the square of DW gradient norm");
for (ssize_t n = 0; n < G.rows(); ++n)
if (G(n,3))
G(n,3) *= G.row(n).template head<3>().squaredNorm();
//! store the DW gradient encoding matrix in a header
/*! this will store the DW gradient encoding matrix into the
* Header::keyval() structure of \a header, under the key 'dw_scheme'.
template <class MatrixType>
void set_DW_scheme (Header& header, const MatrixType& G)
if (!G.rows()) {
auto it = header.keyval().find ("dw_scheme");
if (it != header.keyval().end())
header.keyval().erase (it);
std::string dw_scheme;
for (ssize_t row = 0; row < G.rows(); ++row) {
std::string line;
for (ssize_t col = 0; col < G.cols(); ++col) {
line += str(G(row,col), 10);
if (col < G.cols() - 1) line += ",";
add_line (dw_scheme, line);
if (dw_scheme.size())
header.keyval()["dw_scheme"] = dw_scheme;
WARN ("attempt to add empty DW scheme to header - ignored");
//! parse the DW gradient encoding matrix from a header
/*! extract the DW gradient encoding matrix stored in the \a header if one
* is present. This is expected to be stored in the Header::keyval()
* structure, under the key 'dw_scheme'.
Eigen::MatrixXd parse_DW_scheme (const Header& header);
//! 'stash' the DW gradient table
/*! Store the _used_ DW gradient table to Header::keyval() key
* 'prior_dw_scheme', and delete the key 'dw_scheme' if it exists.
* This means that the scheme will no longer be identified by function
* parse_DW_scheme(), but still resides within the header data and
* can be extracted manually. This should be used when
* diffusion-weighted images are used to generate something that is
* _not_ diffusion_weighted volumes.
template <class MatrixType>
void stash_DW_scheme (Header& header, const MatrixType& grad)
set_DW_scheme (header, grad);
auto dw_scheme = header.keyval().find ("dw_scheme");
if (dw_scheme != header.keyval().end()) {
header.keyval()["prior_dw_scheme"] = dw_scheme->second;
header.keyval().erase (dw_scheme);
//! clear any DW gradient encoding scheme from the header
void clear_DW_scheme (Header&);
//! get the DW gradient encoding matrix
/*! attempts to find the DW gradient encoding matrix, using the following
* procedure:
* - if the -grad option has been supplied, then load the matrix assuming
* it is in MRtrix format, and return it;
* - if the -fslgrad option has been supplied, then load and rectify the
* bvecs/bvals pair using load_bvecs_bvals() and return it;
* - if the DW_scheme member of the header is non-empty, return it;
* - if no source of gradient encoding is found, return an empty matrix.
Eigen::MatrixXd get_DW_scheme (const Header& header);
//! check that the DW scheme matches the DWI data in \a header
template <class MatrixType>
inline void check_DW_scheme (const Header& header, const MatrixType& grad)
if (!grad.rows())
throw Exception ("no valid diffusion gradient table found");
if (header.ndim() != 4)
throw Exception ("dwi image should contain 4 dimensions");
if (header.size (3) != (int) grad.rows())
throw Exception ("number of studies in base image (" + str(header.size(3)) + ") does not match number of rows in diffusion gradient table (" + str(grad.rows()) + ")");
//! process GradExportOptions command-line options
/*! this checks for the \c -export_grad_mrtrix & \c -export_grad_fsl
* options, and exports the DW schemes if and as requested. */
void export_grad_commandline (const Header& header);
/*! \brief validate the DW encoding matrix \a grad and
* check that it matches the DW header in \a header
* This ensures the dimensions match the corresponding DWI data, applies
* b-value scaling if specified, and normalises the gradient vectors. */
void validate_DW_scheme (Eigen::MatrixXd& grad, const Header& header, bool nofail = false);
/*! \brief get the DW encoding matrix as per get_DW_scheme(), and
* check that it matches the DW header in \a header
* This is the version that should be used in any application that
* processes the DWI raw data. */
inline Eigen::MatrixXd get_valid_DW_scheme (const Header& header, bool nofail = false)
auto grad = get_DW_scheme (header);
validate_DW_scheme (grad, header, nofail);
return grad;
//! \brief get the matrix mapping SH coefficients to amplitudes
/*! Computes the matrix mapping SH coefficients to the directions specified
* in \a directions (in spherical coordinates), up to a given lmax. By
* default, this is computed from the number of DW directions, up to a
* maximum value of \a default_lmax (defaults to 8), or the value specified
* using c -lmax command-line option (if \a lmax_from_command_line is
* true). If the resulting DW scheme is ill-posed (condition number less
* than 10), lmax will be reduced until it becomes sufficiently well
* conditioned (unless overridden on the command-line).
* Note that this uses get_valid_DW_scheme() to get the DW_scheme, so will
* check for the -grad option as required. */
template <class MatrixType>
Eigen::MatrixXd compute_SH2amp_mapping (
const MatrixType& directions,
bool lmax_from_command_line = true,
int default_lmax = 8)
int lmax = -1;
int lmax_from_ndir = Math::SH::LforN (directions.rows());
bool lmax_set_from_commandline = false;
if (lmax_from_command_line) {
auto opt = App::get_options ("lmax");
if (opt.size()) {
lmax_set_from_commandline = true;
lmax = to<int> (opt[0][0]);
if (lmax % 2)
throw Exception ("lmax must be an even number");
if (lmax < 0)
throw Exception ("lmax must be a non-negative number");
if (lmax > lmax_from_ndir) {
WARN ("not enough directions for lmax = " + str(lmax) + " - dropping down to " + str(lmax_from_ndir));
lmax = lmax_from_ndir;
if (lmax < 0) {
lmax = lmax_from_ndir;
if (lmax > default_lmax)
lmax = default_lmax;
INFO ("computing SH transform using lmax = " + str (lmax));
int lmax_prev = lmax;
Eigen::MatrixXd mapping;
do {
mapping = Math::SH::init_transform (directions, lmax);
auto v = Eigen::JacobiSVD<Eigen::MatrixXd> (mapping).singularValues();
auto cond = v[0] / v[v.size()-1];
if (cond < 10.0)
WARN ("directions are poorly distributed for lmax = " + str(lmax) + " (condition number = " + str (cond) + ")");
if (cond < 100.0 || lmax_set_from_commandline)
lmax -= 2;
} while (lmax >= 0);
if (lmax_prev != lmax)
WARN ("reducing lmax to " + str(lmax) + " to improve conditioning");
return mapping;
//! \brief get the maximum spherical harmonic order given a set of directions
/*! Computes the maximum spherical harmonic order \a lmax given a set of
* directions on the sphere. This may be less than the value requested at
* the command-line, or that calculated from the number of directions, if
* the resulting transform matrix is ill-posed. */
inline size_t lmax_for_directions (const Eigen::MatrixXd& directions,
const bool lmax_from_command_line = true,
const int default_lmax = 8)
const auto mapping = compute_SH2amp_mapping (directions, lmax_from_command_line, default_lmax);
return Math::SH::LforN (mapping.cols());