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This repo contains the code for the CodeGenHero Nugets. This also contains, BingoBuzz, a sample Xamarin.Forms project
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This repository contains the open source components used by the CodeGenHero Visual Studio extension. Compiled NuGet packages of these components, excluding sample projects, are available for download from here:

CGH for Visual Studio 2019 Coming Soon!

The port of CodeGenHero from VS2017 to 2019 is coming along nicely. We learned a lot through the feedback gathered in the 2017 version and that has led to make some pretty significant changes in the coming release. Due to scope of change, new licenses are not being issued at this time, but you can still register at:

Once all the 2017 templates have been converted and the 2019 version has passed QA, we will notify those who have expressed interest through registration.

CGH for Visual Studio 2017 Discontinued

CodeGenHero's Visual Studio 2017 extension has been discontinued and new licenses are not being issued due to the impending release of CGH for VS 2019. Support for the VS 2017 version of CodeGenHero continues as usual for existing subscribers. To be notified when the new version is available, please register at:

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