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Global Azure Bootcamp 2019
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Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 - Montréal, Ottawa & Halifax, Canada


All around the world user groups and communities want to learn about Azure and Cloud Computing!

On April 27, 2019, all communities will come together once again in the sixth great Global Azure Bootcamp event!

In this repository you will find included all materials used during the demos so you can try them at home.

Scenario 2019

Life has been going very well at Contoso it's been a while since they start their journey on Azure. Things have been so well that today Contoso has many developers across the many different locations and using different platforms. They want to build an new application that could be secure and accessible from everywhere to manage their images. They would also like to have the application to do be easy to maintain and follow the best practices.

In an effort to improve their efficiency and the quality of their application they decided to agree on the following:

  • Use cross-platform tools as much as possible.
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment solution (CI/CD)
  • A way to reproduce the environment quickly in any new environment
  • They would like to be the application "portable"
  • Artificial Intellegent is an excellent way to bonify their application and distinguish themselves from the competition.
  • Get rid of their old process

The team has been assigned a couple of days to find tools & put new processes in place to check all the action items of the list above. Excited, the team will actively start documenting themselves and working on this tomorrow.

Overview of the day

Lab 0 - What you need to install (must do >>before<< the bootcamp!)

Time Duration Tittle Description
08h30-9h00 30 mins Arrival/ Coffee Grab a seat, get your coffee, install your laptop...
09h00-9h15 15 mins Intro Intro, agenda
09h15-10h15 60 mins Lab 1 - CI/CD Create an .Net Core App, put it in GitHub/ or Azure DevVops Repo. Create an Azure DevOps CI/CD, and deploy a webapp.
10h15-11h00 45 mins Lab 2 - ARM template Create an ARM template , also add a storage to the mix, modify the CICD to deploy.
11h00-11h45 45 mins Lab 3 - Container 1 Package the Application in a Docker container. Test it locally and deploy it manually to Azure Container Services.
11h45-12h30 45 mins Lab 4 - Containers 2 Create a new CI/CD pipeline to automate the container creation and deployment
12h30-13h15 45 mins Lunch Lunch
13h15-14h00 45 mins Lab 5 - AI Add an Azure Cognitive Services Vision to the application to validate an image
14h00-14h45 45 mins Lab 6 - Serverless Create an Azure Functions (blob trigger) to process all images in a blob storage and use the Vision API for filtering
14h45-15h30 45 mins Lab 7 - Security Moving all the keys and sensible information to a KeyVault
15h30-16h00 30 mins Ending Questions/ Networking/ Giveaway

Technology Stack required for the Global Azure Bootcamp 2019

All Platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

What you will need before the bootcamp?

Before the bootcamp, we encourage you to make sure you have all the requirement software so you can concentrate on learning and not running installations. Make sure you get all the source code and install all the required software. See Lab 0.

Azure Subscription

If you don't own an Azure subscription already, you can create your free account today. It comes with 200$ credit, so you can experience almost everything without spending a dime.

Make sure to have your account up and ready before the bootcamp.

Create your free Azure account today

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