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Get all device models present in ConfigMgr
This script will get all device models present in ConfigMgr. It requires Hardware Inventory to be enabled and that the devices have reported a full hardware inventory report at least once.
Site server name with SMS Provider installed.
# Get all device models on a Primary Site server called 'CM01':
.\Get-CMDeviceModels.ps1 -SiteServer CM01
FileName: Get-CMDeviceModels.ps1
Author: Nickolaj Andersen
Contact: @NickolajA
Created: 2015-04-10
Updated: 2019-03-12
Version history:
1.0.0 - (2015-04-10) Script created
1.0.1 - (2019-03-12) Added manufacturer as a column in the output
[parameter(Mandatory=$true, HelpMessage="Site server where the SMS Provider is installed")]
[ValidateScript({Test-Connection -ComputerName $_ -Count 1 -Quiet})]
Begin {
# Determine SiteCode from WMI
try {
Write-Verbose "Determining SiteCode for Site Server: '$($SiteServer)'"
$SiteCodeObjects = Get-WmiObject -Namespace "root\SMS" -Class SMS_ProviderLocation -ComputerName $SiteServer -ErrorAction Stop
foreach ($SiteCodeObject in $SiteCodeObjects) {
if ($SiteCodeObject.ProviderForLocalSite -eq $true) {
$SiteCode = $SiteCodeObject.SiteCode
Write-Debug "SiteCode: $($SiteCode)"
catch [Exception] {
Throw "Unable to determine SiteCode"
Process {
# ArrayList to store the models in
$ModelsArrayList = New-Object -TypeName System.Collections.ArrayList
# Enumerate through all models
$ComputerSystems = Get-WmiObject -Namespace "root\SMS\site_$($SiteCode)" -Class SMS_G_System_COMPUTER_SYSTEM -ComputerName $SiteServer | Select-Object -Property Model, Manufacturer
# Add model to ArrayList if not present
if ($ComputerSystems -ne $null) {
foreach ($ComputerSystem in $ComputerSystems) {
if ($ComputerSystem.Model -notin $ModelsArrayList.Model) {
$PSObject = [PSCustomObject]@{
Model = $ComputerSystem.Model
Manufacturer = $ComputerSystem.Manufacturer
$ModelsArrayList.Add($PSObject) | Out-Null
Write-Output $ModelsArrayList