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Beautiful and feature filled Android client for the WireGuard™️ protocol
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Viscerion, Unofficial Android client for WireGuard™️

Build Status Crowdin

Refreshed take at the official Android client with a nicer UI and additional features. Built with the best of Android Jetpack.


$ git clone --recursive
$ cd viscerion
$ ./gradlew assemblePieDebug # Or assembleQuinoaDebug for proper Android Q support

Note: on macOS you also need to install the GNU coreutils package through homebrew.


As I've made abundantly clear on my Play Store listing, this is not an officially endorsed product. The WireGuard development team is not in any way affiliated with this project and I intend to keep it that way. Please do not approach them for any issues encountered during the usage of Viscerion, those belong to me unless it's an issue with an upstream component.

Get it on Google Play

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