a AIO CMD Menu For the Lbry-APP, and Daemon (More to Come)
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Lbry-CMD-Menu(Run As Admin!).bat



Created by: MSFTserver

a AIO CMD for everything LBRY

Check For Updates on GitHub Please


Dev Instructions:

1. Start Editing the .bat in any text editor of choice
2. Edit the first section labeled: "Dev Settings & Configs"
3. enter the path's to the folders of the appropriate programs
(default paths have been left)
4. Start the daemon Then wait atleast 1min or for all blobs to finish processing to start the App!
(Otherwise the app will throw an error and force close itself)

Important Notes:

1. If the Lbry-App(LBRY.exe) Errors out it will cover menu but is still usable
2. Upon Closing This CMD Window Will Close The LBRY.exe if Launched With This App
3. If Starting Daemon Before LBRY-App wait atleast 1 minute before starting the app
(it may cause the app to crash if launched to early)
4. All CLI Outputs for account info and more is in the Log file(LbryMenuLog.txt)

Change Log

v1.8 - Development(Master Branch)

 - Added More System Info Checks For Other Systems
 - Waiting For New Realease To Add New Daemon Functionality

v1.7 - Released

 - Fixed Issue With Exit Menu Causing CMD To Prematuraly Crash
 - Fixed Issues Causing Menu's To Not Properly Go To Exit Menu
 - Added System Information In Help Menu

v1.6 - Released

 - Fixed Issues With Pressing Enter Causing App To Prematuraly Crash

 - Fixed Issues With Wrong Selection Causing CMD To Prematuraly Crash
 - Added Starting System Info Output

v1.5 - Released

 - Fixed Error Causing Get Balance To Also Generate New Address

v1.4 - Released

 - Fixed Error With Publish Page Interfering With App/Daemon Lauching 

v1.3 - Released

 - Update Change Log Location To Auto Find Path

v1.2 - Released

 - Updated Send LBC Echo's

 - Added Almost All CLI Commands
 - 2 New Wallet Menus

v1.1 - Released

 - Added More Menus 

 - Added New CLI Commands

v1.0 - Released

 - First Release

Screen Shots:

Main Menu

Wallet Menu

Info Menu

message @MSFTserver on lbry's slack if you have any questions

or use one of options below

ContactSocial Info:

E-mail: msftserver@gmail.com

Twitter: @MSFTserver

Github: @MSFTserver

Crypto Instagram: @MSFTserver

Main Instagram: @CompVapeLife

Discord: @MSFTserver#2901