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A watchface for Watchy featuring my beloved cat, Ghost.


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Kitty Watchy face, featuring Ghost the cat

Kitty for Watchy

A watchface for Watchy featuring my beloved cat, Ghost.

Kitty for Watchy was written to be somewhat easy to customize: by editing just a few simple pieces of code you can use either a 12 or 24 hour clock, or swap out Ghost for your own image if desired (although this is not recommended because this picture of my cat is very good).


24-Hour Clock or 12-Hour Clock

By default Kitty for Watchy displays a 12-hour clock with a meridiem indicator (AM or PM). However, if you prefer a 24-hour clock you can change the value of MILITARY_TIME in Ghost.cpp to true and reupload this to your Watchy.

Substituting your own image

If you'd like to swap out the picture of Ghost for one of your own it is very simple (instructions adapted from the official Watchy guide):

  1. Crop your image to a 200px square
  2. Use image2cpp to convert your image into a byte array
  3. Replace the value of ghostImage in the file image.h with the byte array retrieved from step 2

You may find that the locations of the text don't quite work with your image. If so, it is also easy to fix this by fiddling with the OFFSET consts at the top of Ghost.cpp.


A watchface for Watchy featuring my beloved cat, Ghost.







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