Public Repo for Tru-Strap script. Must not contain business specific data. Public status means that we can initiate bootstrapping without needing any credentials.
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 Tru Strap

What is this?

This is the MSM Public version of the 'tru-strap' script. Ref:

We have made this repo public so that we can download and start 'tru-strapping' without needing any credentials. We will pass required credentials as parameters into tru-strap in order for it to download/clone the required private repo(s).

How do I use it?

Integrate it with your favourite Virtualisation / Cloud platform eg. AWS User Data, RightScale RightScripts .... or use Vagrant with the handy provided Vagrantfile.


Quick Start

git clone
cd tru-strap
cp ~/.ssh/myprivategithubkey myprivategithubkey.pem
export vm_mem=2048
export init_role=myrole
export init_env=myenv
export init_repoprivkeyfile=myprivategithubkey.pem
vagrant up

 Environment Variables

This Vagrantfile requires a few environment variables to be set.

  • init_role The Puppet role of the server.
  • init_env The Puppet environment of the server.
  • init_repoprivkeyfile The filename (.pem extension) of your private GitHub key which should be copied into this directory.
  • init_repouser The owner of the github repo, defaults to MSMFG
  • init_reponame The name of the github repo, defaults to msm-provisioning
  • init_repobranch The name of the github branch, defaults to master