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Npm.Net is a .NET library that implements a C# wrapper for common node npm commands.

To learn more about node npm see

The library includes 2 classes for interacting with node npm commands.

  • NpmApi has methods that closely mirror the npm commands.
  • NpmPackageManager is a slightly higher level abstraction that is useful when dealing with only immediate children.


Visual Studio 2010 was used to create the solution and project files. The solution includes unit tests that run within Visual Studio 2010. The tests use mock data and a mock client. The solution also includes a sample application that uses the API to do some simple tasks against the actual repository.


A version of node and npm must be installed to use this wrapper.


The API can be configured from the calling application by providing the working directory path. The API may also be configured with the following:

  • path to the location of node.exe
  • repository URL
  • http_proxy
  • https_proxy
  • timeout


The wrapper runs the npm client code to execute the actual commands. The output of the npm client is parsed to produce the C# objects that are returned. If the command fails, a NpmException is thrown. The exception contains data obtained by parsing the npm error output.

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