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Powershell-NPM integration
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A set of PowerShell scripts which provide npm/PowerShell integration

Tab completion

Provides tab completion for commands when using npm.
E.g. npm ins<tab> --> npm install


See profile.example.ps1 as to how you can integrate the tab completion into your own profile.

If you have psget installed, you can install posh-npm like using the following command:

install-module posh-npm


  1. Verify you have PowerShell 2.0 or better with $PSVersionTable.PSVersion

  2. Verify execution of scripts is allowed with Get-ExecutionPolicy (should be RemoteSigned or Unrestricted). If scripts are not enabled, run PowerShell as Administrator and call Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Confirm.

  3. Verify that npm can be run from PowerShell. If the command is not found, you will need to install nodejs.

  4. Clone the posh-npm repository to your local machine.

  5. From the posh-npm repository directory, run powershell ./install.ps1. If you are in powershell, run ./install.ps1 and then . $PROFILE.


The powershell integration and installation is based on posh-git.

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