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-Redis TODO and Roadmap
+This is a stable release! No TODO file here.
+Please check the TODO file in the master branch on github.
-VERSION 2.2 TODO (Optimizations and latency)
-* Support for syslog(3).
-* Change the implementation of ZCOUNT to use the augmented skiplist in order to be much faster.
-* Add an explicit test for MULTI/EXEC reloaded in the AOF.
-* Command table -> hash table, with support for command renaming
-* Use multiple open FDs against the VM file, one for thread.
-* Check what happens performance-wise if instead of creating threads again and again the same threads are reused forever. Note: this requires a way to disable this clients in the child, but waiting for empty new jobs queue can be enough.
-* Specially encoded memory-saving integer sets.
-* A command to export a JSON dump (there should be mostly working patch needing major reworking).
-* Specially encoded sets of integers (this includes a big refactoring providing an higher level layer for Sets manipulation)
-* If sizeof(double) == sizeof(void*) we could store the double value of sorted sets directly in place of the pointer instead of allocating it in the heap.
-* Delete on writes against expire policy should only happen after argument parsing for commands doing their own arg parsing stuff.
-* Give errors when incrementing a key that does not look like an integer, when providing as a sorted set score something can't be parsed as a double, and so forth.
-* MSADD (n keys) (n values). See this thread in the Redis google group:
-* Don't save empty lists / sets / zsets on disk with snapshotting.
-* Remove keys when a list / set / zset reaches length of 0.
-* An option to exec a command slave-side if the master connection is lost: even cooler: if the script returns "0" the slave elects itself as master, otherwise continue trying to reconnect.
-* PING the master from time to time to check if it's gone.
-THE "MAYBE" TODO LIST: things that may or may not get implemented
-Most of this can be seen just as proposals, the fact they are in this list
-it's not a guarantee they'll ever get implemented ;)
-* SORT: Don't copy the list into a vector when BY argument is constant.
-* Write the hash table size of every db in the dump, so that Redis can resize the hash table just one time when loading a big DB.
-* Byte Array type (BA prefixed commands): BASETBIT BAGETBIT BASETU8 U16 U32 U64 S8 S16 S32 S64, ability to atomically INCRBY all the base types. BARANGE to get a range of bytes as a bulk value, BASETRANGE to set a range of bytes.
-* Read-only mode.
-* Kill the delete-on-write behavior of expires, replicating DELs
-* Multiple BY in SORT.
-* LRANGE and other commands are using 32 bit integers for ranges, and overflows are not detected. So LRANGE mylist 0 23498204823094823904823904 will have random effects.
-* Computer parsable output generation
-* Memoize return values so that they can be used later as arguments, like $1

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