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NewOCR Wiki Updater

This small project is made for the NewOCR wiki website to update all the inline code references across branches. This project is only really meant for contributors to the OCR, though may be of use to others.

Using It

To use the updater, you can extract the zip file, and run the command

java -jar NewOCRWikiUpdater-1.0.jar "C:\path\to\website" "branch hash to update to"

Where the first argument is the root directory of your local clone of the wiki, and the second argument being the hash of the branch to update the wiki to.

After running the command, it will give a list of changed links in their files. Some may show "MANUAL" on what they changed to, which means it must be manually updated as lines were added/removed between the start and end of the line references.

Here is a truncated example output of the most recent update from branch 7de96263853df8f63d340ecaf26284cb0d4dbb34 to 7aa211108c8da4d7900b4e89442b1a003dfe1c3e:

E:\NewOCR-website\explanation\training\ >
E:\NewOCR-website\explanation\training\ > >
E:\NewOCR-website\explanation\scanning\ > > >
E:\NewOCR-website\explanation\scanning\ >
E:\NewOCR-website\explanation\scanning\ > > >
E:\NewOCR-website\explanation\training\ > > >


A small project to update all code references in the NewOCR wiki



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