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Everything that really should be in Foundation, but isn't. Future-proof with ARC
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Everything that really should be in Foundation, but isn't.

Consider FoundationKit Foundation's big brother. We add lots of useful categories, helpers, classes and macros.

FoundationKit is built With ARC for both for iOS 4.0+ and Mac OS 10.6+.

It's still very much work in progress, so don't yet use it in production. If you start a new app today, it's the perfect time to begin with it.


  • Classes are prefixed with NK (NSKit => NSK => NK)
  • The project is set to use 2 spaces for indents
  • ARC only, no explicitly defined ivars
  • Every .h file has only a concise comment header that mentions that this file belongs to FoundationKit and credits to other 3rd parties if appropriate (see example header below). The .m files don't have a comment header.
  • Category file names must be named after the classes that they extend (e.g. NSArray+NKAdditions). Generic categories that span multiple classes are not allowed!
  • Use assert instead of NSAssert macros to ensure program exit.
  • For all other guidelines have a look at the

Example Header Comment

// Part of FoundationKit
// Derived from [Author] [License Type]-licensed [Project Name]: [URL]
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