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amuino commented Oct 7, 2010

If the twitter_id column exists on the model, it will be populated with twitter's user_id.

This patch updates both the collection of the twitter_id and the migration templates.

Twitter API supports the trim_user=true option which only returns the numeric user_id for the user information (instead of the full info, which can be redundant and add unneeded parsing/network overhead)

amuino added some commits Oct 7, 2010
@amuino amuino Allow capturing the twitter user id during signup and connect. This i…
…s specially useful when using trim_user=true parameter on calls to the twitter API.
@amuino amuino Use twitter user_id when looking up existing users instead of twitter…

Twitter_handle can now be optional.
Update twitter_handle if changed since the previous connect/signup
UNTESTED: As far as I can tell, queries use a Mongoid-compatible syntax.
amuino commented Oct 7, 2010

Additional commit for issue , including updating the twitter_handle on connect/signup (and making it optional on the model)

It should also address Mongoid compatibility (a different approach than used by jtoy, which didn't work for me with Rails3+Arel)

amuino added some commits Oct 8, 2010
@amuino amuino Lookup users by twitter_id on signup, instead of by oauth_credentials…
…. This allows linking with users we already known because we saw them on other user's timeline (for instance).

In this case, we also need to update the oauth_credentials.
@amuino amuino Updated readme 6f9a565
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