API Documentation for Freckle Time Tracking
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Freckle Restful API


The API for a freckle account can only be accessed via the accounts full URL. So each API request has to be made to http://myfreckle.letsfreckle.com/api/ where myfreckle is the account's subdomain.

An authtoken is needed for accessing the API. The token identifies the user and can be obtained from the users personal settings page. It has to be sent for each request in either one of this two ways:

  • as query parameter named token

    e.g curl http://myfreckle.letsfreckle.com/api/projects.xml?token=10ee9d50a2f540518c5d1f9448e43f96056af626

  • as a custom HTTP header X-FreckleToken

    e.g curl -H "X-FreckleToken:10ee9d50a2f540518c5d1f9448e43f96056af626" http://myfreckle.letsfreckle.com/api/projects.xml

Note: To simplify authentication on mobile devices, the token can be received with the api_auth_token call, see the users section for more information.

API Test Account

Testaccount data:

Domain: apitest.letsfreckle.com Token: lx3gi6pxdjtjn57afp8c2bv1me7g89j

Note: The data from this test account will be regularly wiped, so don't rely on it.

Data Formats

In the examples XML will be used as data format. However, the API calls will mostly also accept and respond to JSON.


  • Entries
    • create a single entry
    • bulk import entries
  • Projects
    • list available projects
  • Tags
    • list available tags
  • Users