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<project name="MultithreadedTC" default="distjar" basedir=".">
<property name="" value="1.01" />
<property name="jarfile" value="MultithreadedTC-${}.jar" />
<property name="jarfile14" value="MultithreadedTC-${}-jdk14.jar" />
<property name="sourcename" value="MultithreadedTC-${}-source" />
<property name="info.files" value="README.txt,LICENSE.txt,CHANGELOG.txt" />
<property name="" value="${info.files},README-JDK14.txt" />
<!-- Create distribution jar -->
<target name="distjar">
<jar destfile="${jarfile}" update="true">
<fileset dir="bin" includes="edu/**/*class" />
<fileset dir="src" includes="edu/**/*.java" />
<fileset dir="." includes="${info.files}" />
<!-- Create Source Distribution zip -->
<target name="sourcezip" depends="distjar,distjar-jdk14">
<zip destfile="${sourcename}.zip" update="true">
<zipfileset dir="." includes="src/**" excludes="**.svn**" prefix="${sourcename}"/>
<zipfileset dir="." includes="examples/**" excludes="**.svn**" prefix="${sourcename}"/>
<zipfileset dir="." includes="web/**" excludes="**.svn**,sanity/**" prefix="${sourcename}"/>
<zipfileset dir="." includes="${}" prefix="${sourcename}"/>
<zipfileset dir="." includes=".project,.classpath,build.xml" prefix="${sourcename}"/>
<zipfileset dir="." includes="${jarfile}" prefix="${sourcename}"/>
<zipfileset dir="." includes="${jarfile14}" prefix="${sourcename}"/>
<!-- Create Website distribution zip -->
<target name="webzip">
<zip destfile="" update="true">
<fileset dir="web" includes="**" excludes="**.svn**" />
<!-- Retro Tasks: Create a Jar for 1.4 -->
<!-- The 'retrotranslator' task creates a jar file with JDK 1.4 compatible class files.
This task requires all the jar files in the retrotranslator distribution to be in
the lib folder. Find these at -->
<target name="distjar-jdk14">
<path id="retroclasspath">
<fileset dir="lib" includes="**/*.jar"/>
<taskdef name="retrotranslator" classpathref="retroclasspath"
classname="net.sf.retrotranslator.transformer.RetrotranslatorTask" />
<retrotranslator destjar="${jarfile14}" verify="false">
<fileset dir="bin" includes="edu/**/*.class"/>
<fileset dir="." includes="${}" />
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