GrandCentralCP is a light web server control panel written in Ruby
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GrandCentralCP is a light web server control panel written in Ruby on Rails

v1 Version

This is a version 1 of GCCP and is still under development. It is NOT recommended for production use!


Features included in this version:

  • automatic configuration of Apache2 VHosts

  • automatic configuration of MySQL Users Databases

  • simple user management (normal and FTP users)

  • view of a users web folders

Planned Features for next release

This is an early version of GCCP. Later versions will

  • have an installer

  • allow subdomains

  • have an feature rich user interface

Take GCCP preview for a spin

As of now GCCP is written for Debian and Ubuntu only.

  • prepare your server

apt-get install git-core apache2 mysql-server mysql-client ruby1.8-dev rubygems libxml2-dev libxslt-ruby libsqlite3-dev libopenssl-ruby rake mkpasswd gem install rubygems-update ruby /var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/rubygems-update-*/setup.rb gem install bundler git clone <source see above> cd GrandCentralCP bundle install cp config/database.yml-dist config/database.yml cp config/gccp.yml-dist config/gccp.yml cp config/initializers/session_store.rb-dist config/initializers/session_store.rb groupadd ftp-user rake db:migrate rake db:seed (creates firstadmin, defined in gccp.yml)

  • start GCCP

cd GrandCentralCP script/server open a new terminal

rake jobs:work

Do only install GCCP on test systems and only if you know what you do!

Basic Usage

When you start webrick the interface is available on localhost:3000/ on your server.



Development of GrandCentralCP is supported by FH Salzburg - University of Applied Sciences Salzburg