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a fork of siasync that is updated to work with skynet
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SkySync v0.1.0

SkySync is a utility that will monitor a folder and synchronize its contents to the SkyNet. As new files are created it will upload them to SkyNet. SkySync also supports more advanced features like only syncing certain file extensions or excluding certain file extensions. Best of all, it works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.


SkySync Binaries can be found on Github. Simply download the relevant binary, rename it to Skysync (Skysync.exe for Windows) and execute it in your operating systems' command line utility.


SkySync uses the SkyNet portal hosted by Nebulous here to upload files to SkyNet.

The most basic way to use SkySync is to have it monitor a local folder and upload any files it sees to SkyNet.

#> skysync /tmp/foo

That will upload the contents of local folder /tmp/foo to SkyNet. As new files and folders are created they will be uploaded to Skynet.

Files uploaded to SkyNet are uploaded as SkyFiles and a SkyLink will be returned. These SkyLinks are then persisted along with the corresponding filename.

A full list of SkySync commands can be found with skysync -h

#> skysync -h
usage: skysync <flags> <directory-to-sync>
  for example: ./skysync --dry-run=true /tmp/sync/to/skynet

        Enable debug mode. Warning: generates a lot of output.
        Show what would have been uploaded without changing files in Sia
  -exclude string
        Comma separated list of file extensions to skip, all other files will be copied.
  -include string
        Comma separated list of file extensions to copy, all other files will be ignored.
        Sync, don't monitor directory for changes

Building from Source

SkySync is written in Go, you have have a working Go installation before attempting to build SKySync from source.

build Siasync



The MIT License (MIT)


This Repo was forked and modified from SiaSync

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