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Coinpaprika API Client

Async C# Client for the CoinPaprika API.

CoinPaprika delivers full market data to the world of crypto: coin prices, volumes, market caps, ATHs, return rates and more.

Build status


CoinPaprika API Client is availabe on Nuget.


The library depends on, which is just simply the best Json-library for .NET; It should get installed automatically (with the Nuget package), but depending on your project, you may have to install it manually via Nuget Package Manager/CLI.

This library is using .NET Standard 2.0, you can check compatibility of your project here.

Getting started

CoinpaprikaAPI.Client client = new CoinpaprikaAPI.Client();

Generic return type

All requests return a CoinPaprikaEntity with a generic type (TPaprikaEntity). The CoinPaprikaEntity provides these properties:

  • Value, based on the type specified by the API call
  • Raw (json value returned by the API)
  • Error, may be an HTTP-Error or an API-Error (check the ErrorMessage property for details)
  • RawError (json value of the Error property)

If the call was succesfull, Error is null and Value provides the returned data from the API.


Get global information
var globals = await client.GetClobalsAsync();

returns CoinPaprikaEntity of Type Global

Get all coins listed on Coinpaprika
var coins = await client.GetCoinsAsync();

returns CoinPaprikaEntity with a List of objects of Type CoinInfo

Get ticker information for all coins
var ticker = await client.GetTickerForAll();

returns CoinPaprikaEntity with a List of objects of Type TickerInfo

Get ticker information for specific coin
var id = "btc-bitcoin";
var ticker = await client.GetTickerForCoin(id);

returns single CoinPaprikaEntity of Type TickerInfo

Search for currencies/icos/people/exchanges/tags
var searchterms = "coin";
//passing in null searches all categories
var searchResult = await client.SearchAsync(searchTerms, 10, null);

returns CoinPaprikaEntity of Type SearchResult


CoinPaprika C# Client is availabe unter the MIT license, see also the LICENSE file.