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@MTAPcoin MTAPcoin released this Apr 13, 2019


Fixes bugs experienced in the previous update, which would cause the client to crash upon a valid fork of the chain. Please only use this version.

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@MTAPcoin MTAPcoin released this Feb 27, 2019 · 6 commits to master since this release

This is a completely new MTAP chain, and coins on old chain needs to be swapped to the new chain.

Before Downloading this new wallet make sure you have followed the coin swap process to swap your old coin to new coins in a 1:1 manner. kindly ask team members for coin swap in discord channel.
After team member has given approval for deletion of old wallet you can follow below 3 steps.

We need to perform 3 things.

  1. Make the backup of old wallet files.
  2. After making the backup of old wallet files, Be sure to delete your old MTAP local files before running this new wallet.
    For deletion of files.
    a. in Linux, we can use a folder as bellow.
    - ~/.mtap on Linux
    b. For windows, files need to follow below path
    - %Appdata%Roaming/mtap
    Delete entire file of MTAP folder.
  3. install the new wallet, version 2.0.0.
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