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Let's try that again

Now including all 'optional' software that I left out in previous releases, ProconXInput v0.1-alpha2 release2 should help ease installation, reduce headache, and increase usable Switch Pro Controllers over USB.


  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or newer
  • .net Framework 4 (Windows 8 and newer come with .net Framework 4 preinstalled)

release2 changes

  • HidGuardian.Lib, HidGuardian.Srv, and HidCerberus are now included in the release package.
  • The install script was updated to also install HidGuardian.Srv and HidCerberus, and automatically configure them to block the Switch Procon from being noticed by compliant Windows software. This means #2 should not occur and Windows 10 users should be able to use ProconXInput.
  • Once you install this release, you shouldn't move the ProconXInput folder. HidCerberus.Srv is installed as a Windows service, and Windows doesn't like it when you move services around. If you need to move or rename the ProconXInput folder, run uninstall Drivers.bat first before moving the folder, then run install Drivers.bat again after moving/renaming.
  • The actual program itself was not changed, just the release package.
  • NOTE: This install configures HidGuardian, a driver designed to hide HID devices from applications, to hide the Switch Pro Controller. You might not be able to use the Procon via Bluetooth as a DInput device while HidGuardian is hiding it. To unhide it, in your web browser go to localhost:26762 while the HidCerberus.Srv service is running and remove HID\VID_057E&PID_2009 from 'Currently affected devices'.

How to install

  1. Grab the correct release for your system. Don't get the 32-bit version for a 64-bit version of Windows, they are NOT compatible!
  2. Extract the contents of the .zip to their permanent location. You won't be able to move, rename, or delete the folder after installing without uninstalling first!
  3. Run install Drivers.bat as an administrator.
  4. Plug in your Switch Pro Controller, or replug it if it was previously plugged in.
  5. Run ProconXInput.exe

The original release is as follows.

Bugfixes and Installers and Calibration, oh my!

No longer do you have to scour the web to find devcon.exe, download various Scp drivers, or type arcane commands to install ProconXInput! Packaged with this release is all you need to get your Switch Pro Controller working over USB. Read INSTALLATION.md included in the release for instructions.

Download the appropriate version for your system. 32-bits for 32-bit Windows only, 64-bits for 64-bit Windows only!

Full release notes are over in RELEASE.md


  • Basic calibration support has been added. No longer will your sticks be forever out of reach of moving your cursor in Rocket League's menu! Simply press the Share button once after launching the driver, and your controller's stick centers will be recorded, while the stick mins and maxes are adjusted on-the-fly. Implements #3.

  • Your buttons are now where you expect them to be! #5 is now fixed, meaning the bottom button on your Procon will do the same thing as the bottom button on your other XInput controllers. For those who prefer the Procon A = XInput A style, #6 is on its way.

  • Windows would sometimes freak out after the driver started talking to the Procon, doing all sorts of weird things ranging from erratic clicking, opening and closing Magnifier, and adjusting the volume. I changed a line in hid.c to hopefully fix that. My preliminary testing is good, but I need feedback on this one. Comment on #2 with your results.

For additional changes, see CHANGES.md