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Million Song Dataset to AcousticBrainz mapping


You need the following additional python packages:

requests requests_cache

Use pip install -r requirements to install them

You also need the MSD metadata file, which you can download from under Additional Files,

    1. SQLite database containing most metadata about each track

The matcher uses the MusicBrainz search server to perform matches and find a recording matching the given artist details. You need to set up a local Musicbrainz database and search server, as the 1 query per second ratelimit on makes querying 1 million items prohibitive. Follow the instructions at

You only need to build the recording indexes in order to run this.

Alternatively, you can download a complete MusicBrainz virtual machine and build indexes on that:

Set SEARCHSERVER_URL at the top of the source file to the address of your search server.


The script has 3 modes:

match: Match items in MSD to MusicBrainz IDs

python match track_metadata.db matches.json

This reads items in track_metadata.db, and looks them up in a MusicBrainz search server. It writes to the output file (matches.json) every 1000 results. Webservice results are cached with requests_cache, so you can stop and re-run the command and cached results will not be looked up in the API. Remove msdtombidcache.sqlite to clear the cache.

filter: Remove items that are not in AcousticBrainz

python filter matches.json uniq-ab-ids.csv filter-matches.json

Filter matches.json to contain only MBIDs which are in the file uniq-ab-ids.csv (one mbid per line)

csv: Convert a matches.json file to a simplified csv file

python csv matches.json matches.csv

The output file will contain the following columns: msdid, mbid, title, artist. If a MSD track matches more than one mbid, there will be multiple lines in the output file for each mbid. If a recording has more than one artist they will be joined by " and "