python client for the freesound API

A python client for the Freesound APIv2.

Find the API documentation at Apply for an API key at

The client automatically maps function arguments to http parameters of the API. JSON results are converted to python objects, but are also available in their original form (JSON loaded into dictionaries) using the method .as_dict() of returned objets (see examples file). The main object types (Sound, User, Pack) are augmented with the corresponding API calls.

Note that POST resources are not supported. Downloading full quality sounds requires Oauth2 authentication (see Oauth2 authentication is supported, but you are expected to implement the workflow.

Example usage:

import freesound, sys,os

client = freesound.FreesoundClient()

results = client.text_search(query="dubstep",fields="id,name,previews")

for sound in results: