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MUN Computer Science Society Website

View it live here:

The content for the site lives in the content/ folder. Fork this repo and send us (via a pull request)

  • New tutorials and resources
  • Spelling fixes
  • Updated course information
  • Anything you can think of


Install Lektor before proceeding.

curl -sf | sh

Local Installation

# Clone the repo
git clone
# Enter cloned folder
cd Website

# Launch a Lektor server to auto-compile and host the site
lektor server

# Now go to http://localhost:5000 in a web browser


Changes made to this repository are reflected automatically on the site live. Do not rewrite the history of this repository or else you will be cuddled by the most adorable of kittens. But seriously, don't mess with time.

Adding new course notes

To add notes (descriptions, resources, past assignments, etc.) for courses:

  1. Create a new folder under content/resources/courses/ named as the course number (for example, content/resources/courses/1001/).
  2. Create a new empty text file in the new folder called
  3. You can structure this file like so:
title: COMP <course_number>

# Content

You can replace <course_number> with the course number you'd like to add notes for. And you can add content below body: in Markdown.

To learn more about how Lektor structures content, see this screencast and check out the Lektor documentation.

Writing a new blog post

To write a new blog post:

  1. Fork and clone the repo (or switch to another branch if you are a member of this GitHub organization)
  2. Run python scripts/ and answer all of the questions. Example:
    $ python scripts\
    Are you currently in a branch other than master, or using a forked repo? [y/N]: y
    Title for post: My new post
    Your name: Riley Flynn
    All done! You can now write your blog post in C:\Users\nint8\Development\Website\content\blog\My new post\ and push it to git when you are done.
  3. Write your post in the specified file using markdown
  4. Commit your changes and submit a pull request

If your post looks good and we have no changes we want made, your post should be up on the site shortly after an exec reviews it.