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SignalRGameServerStateObserver.cs Refactored AdminPanel project to use ASP.NET Core Nov 14, 2018

Admin Panel

The admin panel is meant to offer functions for administrative tasks.

The user interface is implemented with React, the backend with ASP.NET Core and SignalR. Please don't wonder if the frontend code and my javascript "build system" is not perfect here - I'm not doing javascript development in my daily job ;-)

It's accessible via http://localhost:1234/admin The current features are:

Server list

  • Start / Shutdown
  • Player count monitoring
  • Links to show (embedded) live maps

Ideas for the future:

  • Expand-Buttons to show the players which are playing on a server
  • Button to disconnect a player

Account list

It shows the list of accounts, ordered by the login name. Functions:

  • Creating new accounts
  • Banning/deactivating accounts

Feature ideas for the future:

  • Changing password of an account
  • Account editor which allows to even edit characters and their items

Log view

It's possible to view a real-time log of the server. Because a server can generate a lot of log messages, there are some filter-features to see only messages of a specific player, server, and/or logger.

System view

A very basic real-time view of the cpu utilization, caused by the OpenMU process.

Live map

It's a graphical representation of a specific map to monitor some kind of actions on it:

  • player / npc movements
  • player attacks

It's implemented in WebGL (by three.js) and communicates with the server via SignalR.

Ideas for the future:

  • Zooming in to monitor players more closely
  • Display of all kind of skill animations
  • Display of active magic effects (buffs etc.)
  • Display of health status
  • Functions to detect and show suspicious players
  • Functions to directly ban suspicious players
  • Overview with several maps on the same page
  • View of public chats
  • Game-Master features, such as:
    • Dropping of items
    • Starting automated events
    • Sending chat messages
    • Sending global messages (the golden ones)

Other feature ideas

  • Configuration editor
  • Based on the Live Map, we could create a graphical editor for monster spawn areas, gates, etc.