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Scott & Joe's wonderful cheap and cheerful Arduino nano & ESP2866 based robot.
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Hedgehog Bot

Hedgehog bot

The Hedgehog bot is a robotic platform powered by the ESP8266-based Wemos D1 R2 development board.

Notable Features:

  • Full laser cut MDF construction
  • Dual servo motor drive
  • 128x64 OLED display
  • WiFi (client and access point modes)

Instructional videos are available on YouTube

If you're interested in learning more, visit the hedgehog bot website:

If you're a volunteer or workshop lead who wants to learn more, check out the facilitator notes

Software setup



Windows or Mac OS X

  1. Copy hhb_blink, hhb_bot, and hhb_wifi from sketches into your Arduino sketchbook folder
  2. Copy the folders in libraries to the libraries folder in your Arduino sketchbook folder, if it doesn't already exist you can just copy and paste the libraries folder straight into the sketchbook folder.
  3. Verify that when you run the Arduino IDE and click the menu options File -> Sketchbook you can now see:
    • hhb_blink
    • hhb_bot
    • hhb_wifi

Linux (Raspberry Pi)

$ git clone --recursive hedgehog-bot
$ cd hedgehog-bot

Facilitator notes

Most things are documents within the docs folder in the repository including:

Laptop setup

  • Download the laptop setup script.
  • Copy the script over to a memory stick.
  • Run the script to set up a computer at least once to download the necessary dependencies.
  • Copy the script along with the files and folders adjacent to the script that it downloaded in the previous step to other memory sticks used to set up laptops.
  • Run the script from the memory stick on all other laptops that need setting up, after the first run the dependencies will be downloaded so subsequent setups should be much faster.

Known issues

  • Arduino Nano not recognised: Have you installed CH340 drivers?
  • WiFi not working: Test 9V battery

See the troubleshooting docs for more

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