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Steemit Sidebar

What is the project about?

This is a Tampermonkey-Script designed to show a bar on the left side of steemit with a few practical links and informations about the current user (editable with an input field) and the user that is currently displayed (profil or posts). image.png

You can currently see the current Reputation, Voting Power, Bandwidth and SteemPower (the link brings you to the steemit profil, as well as the wallet). Furthermore you can use the links to open a new tab to another website with further Informations to the profil.

Technology Stack

  • Like mentioned it is implemented as a Tampermonkey-Script, so the appropriate browser extension is needed to install it. (If anybody needs help with this, just text me, I'm glad to help)
  • It's programmed in Javascript and runs directly in the browser.
  • You can configure what links to display and what color the bars should have (with many more settings to come!). It saves the settings using tampermonkey magic
  • Uses jQuery, Moment.js and the Steemit Javascript API.
  • Tested in Chrome and Firefox


  • Implementing more features and convenience tool for users
  • Make more things customizable
  • Of course fixing any bugs that would appear.
  • Look into the open issues on Github

How to contribute?

You can come in contact with me with the usual methods:

  • creating issues on github
  • writing me on steemit
  • on the german steemit discord channel
  • etc. (I'm not difficult to find)


  1. Install the Tampermonkey Addon for your browser (the pictures are clickable).





  1. Click on this link and click on install.


  1. Go to and refresh the page with F5.

  2. Enter your username in the input field on the left side and hit Enter!


  1. Done! Have Fun!

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