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A Redis client for ColdFusion
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cfredis is a ColdFusion client for Redis. It acts as a wrapper for Jedis, a Java client for Redis. It has been tested on ColdFusion 8, ColdFusion 9, and ColdFusion 10.

Configuring cfredis

Installing Dependencies

cfredis requires Jedis and Apache Commons Pool, specifically jedis-2.1.0.jar and commons-pool-1.6-bin.tar.gz.

Within the commons-pool-1.6-bin.tar.gz archive, you will find commons-pool-1.6.jar. Copy jedis-2.1.0.jar and commons-pool-1.6.jar to _cfroot_/lib and restart ColdFusion. You may also use JavaLoader to include jedis-2.1.0.jar and commons-pool-1.6.jar.

Installing the CFC

Copy src/cfc/cfredis.cfc to wherever you store your CFCs or clone the cfredis repository into your webroot.

Initializing cfredis

Place the following initialization code in the OnApplicationStart method in Application.cfc, in Application.cfm, or in OnRequestStart.cfm:

local.redisHost = "localhost";  // redis server hostname or ip address
local.redisPort = 6379;         // redis server ip address

// Configure connection pool
local.jedisPoolConfig = CreateObject("java", "redis.clients.jedis.JedisPoolConfig");
local.jedisPoolConfig.testOnBorrow = false;
local.jedisPoolConfig.testOnReturn = false;
local.jedisPoolConfig.testWhileIdle = true;
local.jedisPoolConfig.maxActive = 100;
local.jedisPoolConfig.maxIdle = 5;
local.jedisPoolConfig.numTestsPerEvictionRun = 10;
local.jedisPoolConfig.timeBetweenEvictionRunsMillis = 10000;
local.jedisPoolConfig.maxWait = 3000;

local.jedisPool = CreateObject("java", "redis.clients.jedis.JedisPool");
local.jedisPool.init(local.jedisPoolConfig, local.redisHost, local.redisPort);

// The "cfc.cfredis" component name will change depending on where you put cfredis
local.redis = CreateObject("component", "cfc.cfredis").init();
local.redis.connectionPool = local.jedisPool;

<cflock scope="Application" type="exclusive" timeout="10">
    <cfset application.redis = local.redis />

Using cfredis

Use the application.redis object to execute Redis commands:

<cfset application.redis.set("your:key:name", "key value") />
<cfset value = application.redis.get("your:key:name") />


I've included a number of examples using cfredis.

Redis Commands

cfredis implements all of the Redis methods implemented in redis.clients.jedis.Jedis with the following changes:

  • ltrim has been renamed to _ltrim to avoid conflicts with the built-in CF function LTrim()

  • The following overloaded Jedis methods have been combined to singular CF methods:

    • sort
    • zinterstore
    • zrangeByScore
    • zrangeByScoreWithScores
    • zrevrangeByScore
    • zrevrangeByScoreWithScores
    • zunionstore
  • Transactions and Pipelining are not yet supported


If you have any problems with cfredis, please submit an issue:

How To Help

If you'd like to help to make cfredis better, please fork this project and submit a pull request. A great place to start would be in creating MXUnit tests. They can be based on the Jedis JUnit tests here:


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