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This is the repo for the MYOB AccountRight Live .Net SDK
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#AccountRight Live API .Net SDK#

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This is the source repository for the MYOB AccountRight Live .Net SDK.

The official release of the SDK can be found on NUGET and can be installed from Visual Studio using the Package Manager console.

Install-Package MYOB.AccountRight.API.SDK


The supplied batch file file build.bat can be used from a command prompt to build and test the SDK and will do the following:

  1. Pull all required Nuget packages,
  2. Generate a snk for personal use if one does not exist
  3. Compile the SDK and test suite,
  4. Execute all tests and generate coverage report.


C# Example:

using MYOB.AccountRight.SDK;
using MYOB.AccountRight.SDK.Services;
using MYOB.AccountRight.SDK.Contracts;

var configuration = new ApiConfiguration("http://localhost:8080/accountright");
var cfService = new CompanyFileService(configuration);
var companyFiles = cfService.GetRange();


Publishing to Nuget is done via the AppVeyor build system.

To publish release-candidate create and merge from master to candidate branches.

To publish release create and merge from master to release branches.


The code has been supplied to help developers who may not be able to use the NUGET package.

Community Contributions accepted.

##3rd Party Dependencies##

The MYOB SDK uses the following 3rd party (via NUGET) packages

  1. Newtonsoft.Json
  2. Microsoft.Bcl.Async
  3. Microsoft.Bcl.Compression
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