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MassMobileHallucination (aka the MASS MOBILE EXPERIMENT)

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A game for playing with lots of people on mobiles looking at the same web page at the same time.

Suited to conference talks. This is really just an all-JavaScript experiment.

To try the app, run node.js on server.js on your local machine and then launch a few browser > node server.js windows. In one put the playfield http://localhost:8080/playfield. In the others put a regular client pointed http://localhost:8080 In another launch the controller (with great power comes great responsibility!) http://localhost:8080/control

... enjoy!


x move the players to their own module o use a smaller to save bandwidth x collate different update types x group updates and send periodically to playfield. x write the REAL game x Fix the type in the repo name. x get a basic example working so I know how it works x static file server for the mobile page and graphics - USED EXPRESS x set up game viewing page x socket commands for receving updated screen positions for online viewer x set up server on Heroku x game engine to play the game - moved to client x and update based on inpnceut and actions. x sign up page to put in your name. x Test controls with two buttons Left Right x Gets accelerometer detection working for iphone/android and windows mobile x sockets for receiving telematray data from mobiles x give a diffent page for each mobile controller

Games Idea's

x pong o flying stars o tetris o guess the color - collectively o tug of war - a pull only lasts for 2 seconds, so must be coordinated. Two halfs of the auditorium o capture the bricks - run, get bricks, bring back to home base. x debate with worm o real helicopter o capture the flag - someone has the flag o rowers rowing o choose your own adventure o a grid of 100 iPhones that become a big screen - touchable! o maze - small section on your phone, big picture on screen. Race to the end. o bounce x quiz o mexican wave o memory game - you need to find the matching tiles and you can only turn over one tile at a time

The Model

The server is lightweight and really dumb. The game engine will be in the client. The server will only act as a relay of client messages to the playfield.

Downside: if the playfield browser craps out, the game is lost. Upside: server does not have to maintain state and can be quite thin.


npm install npm install express

Cheers, Simon & Aidan