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Yolact for iOS implemented using CoreML.
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An example of You Only Look At CoefficienTs on iOS using CoreML.

About Yolact

Yolact ( is a simple, fully convolutional model for real-time instance segmentation.


Code references


onnx 1.4.1

onnx-coreml 0.4.0

onnx-simplifier 0.1.8

torch 1.0.1


How to convert pytorch model to CoreML model:

  1. Run yolcat code with ONNX and CoreML converter to convert to ONNX model (WITHOUT priors layer).

  2. Use onnx-simplifier to simplify ONNX model.

  3. Disable Upsample layer in onnx-coreml package to make Upsample custom layer in CoreML.

  4. Run ONNXToCoreML converter to conver ONNX mode to CoreML model, input should be MLMultiArray (3x550x550) and we need to do input normalization in our application code.


  1. Simply model to get more performance on mobile devices.
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